SB20 National

18 September 2023
Another great event from the SB20 National Fleet

Organized by Club Naval Cascais, the 2023 National Championship of the SB20 class took place between September 15th and 17th. With a 19 boats fleet, the Club was attended by fourteen teams.

The crew from the Club Vela Atlântico, with Tiago Morais, Miguel Oliveira, and Francisco Oliveira, won the title. In second place was "Hotel Valverde," with Pedro Mendes Leal, António Pereira, Ricardo Schedel and Maria Tavares, while the "Solyd Properties/SailCascais," led by Vasco Serpa, Diogo Machado Pinto and Pedro Costa Alemão, finished in third place.

The other teams from the Club Naval Cascais were "Patris" skippered by Vasco Passanha in 4th, "Bravo" led by Henrique Brites in 5th, "Hellonext" with Nuno Cabral in 6th place, "AP Hotels" with José Paulo Ramada in 7th place, "Nacex" with Miguel Graça in 8th place, "INETUM" from Luís Queiroz in 9th place, "TVTEL" André Gray in 11th, "Miúdas" with Margarida Aguiar in 13th, "Sargo" with Gonçalo Gonçalves in 16th, "SoFly" with Peter Stratton in 17th, "Funnypaper" with José Piedade in 18th and "Freedom" with Martin Eastlander in 19th overall.


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