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segunda, 19 janeiro 2009 00:00

Laser SB3 Worlds 2009

As part of the event Cascais Portugal Sailing 2009, the Clube Naval de Cascais will organize from the 28th of August to the 4th of September 2009 the LASER SB3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2009. This World Championships will attract to Portugal 80 boats in a total of more than 240 sailors from 12 different countries. The Laser SB3 is currently the fastest growing sailing class in the world. The amazing and favorable sailing conditions always found in Cascais, combined with the experience from the Clube Naval de Cascais organizing this type of events make it a unique opportunity for those looking to take part in one of the most exciting world championships of 2009!

For this event the organization has team up with Move Sports to provide all sailors visiting the city of Cascais with the most careful and dedicated team of professionals to assist them with all hotel and travel arrangements. Move Sports is a highly experience travel agency specialized in sailing travel arrangements. If you are looking for accommodation to stay in Cascais during the SB3 championships look
no further. Move Sports is a licensed tour operator with special discounted rates with most hotels in the
Cascais area which means they can provide you with all the assistance without any additional costs to you.


For  accommodation  bookings  and  travel  information  please  contact  us:
  |  +351 214 540 410



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