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O Clube Naval de Cascais tem, nas instalações do Clube,  à disposição dos seus sócios uma Biblioteca e uma Videoteca.

Deixamos abaixo uma lista dos livros para consulta.

Os sócios do Clube Naval podem requisitar na secretaria o livro ou video que pretendem consultar.


"Lloyd's Register of Yachts"
"Summer of Twelves" Carleton Mitchel
"The Country Life Book of Zailing Boats" Photographs by Eileen Ramsay
"Eric Sloane's Weather Book" Eric Sloane
"Boat Maintenance-Afloat and Ashore"
"The Motorboat and Yachting"
"Marine Equipment" Simpson Lawrence
"Sailing to Win" Robert N. Bavier,Jr
"Wind and Tide in Yacht Racing" Harold A. Calahan and John B. Trevor
"The Experts Book of Boating" Varios Autores
"Cornelius Shields on Sailing" Prentice Hall
"Second Book on Sailing" Aymar e Aymar,Jr.
"Start'em Sailing" Aymar
"Sailing and Seamanship" Eric Howells
"Boat Building" Chapelle
"Primer of Navigation" George W.Mixter
"Portuguese Integration in the Tropics" Gilberto Freyre
"The Science of Sailing" Bill Robinson
"The Compleat Cruiser" L.Francis Herreshoff
"British High-Speed Diesels" C.Morgan-Jones
"International Boat Show Earls Court 4/14 Jan"
"Learning to Sail" H.A.Calahan
"How to Sail" John Fisher
"Deep Water Cruising" E.G.Martin
"The Story of American Yachting" Text by William H.Taylor and Stanley Rosenfeld
"Navigation Problems and Solutions" Wiliams and Mixter
"The Boatowner's Handibook" Fontaine
"British Ocean Racing" Douglas Phillips-Brit
"Scientific Sailboat Racing" Ted Wells
"Cruising Yachts" T.Harrison Butler
"Channel Pilot-Northern and North-Western Coasts of France"
"Motor Yacht and Boat Design" Douglas Phillips-Brit
"Naval Architecture of Small Craft" Douglas Phillips-Brit
"Deep Sea Sailing" Erroll Bruce
"Small Boat Seamanship" Rear Admiral Louis B.Olsen
"Sailling Small Cruisers" Guy Pennant
"The New Yacht Racing Rules" Robert N.Bavier,Jr
"Race Your Boat Right" Arthur Knapp,Jr
"Yacht Designing and Planning" Howward I.Chapelle
"Sailing" R.M.Tetley
"Boat Carpentry" Hervey Garrett Smith
"Fast Boats" John Teale
"Sailing Boats" Uffa Fox
"The Cruiser's Manual" Carl D.Lane
"Small Boat Mechanics Handbook" Elbert Robberson
"Seamanship" Norris D.Hoyt
"Yacht Sails-Their Care and Handling" Ernest A.Ratsey and Fontaine
"The Manual of the B.M.C. "Vedette"Marine Engine" Morris Motors Limited
"Sailing Handling and Craft " Parts I and II by Jonh Fisher Part III by Adlard Coles and D.Philips-Brit
"Navigation for Yachtsmen" C.A.Lund
"Log of The Star Class" I.S.C/Y.R.A
"Sailing and Boating" Henry Marlow
"Fishing Boats and Their Arts" D.Manuel de Castello Branco
"Offshore-Ocean Racing, Fast Cruising, Modern Yacht Handling and Equipment" Captain J.H.Illingworth, R.N.R.T.D
"Boat Maintenance-Afloat and Ashore Part I" Edited by Charles F. Chapman
"Boat Maintenance-Afloat and Ashore Part II" Edited by Charles F. Chapman
"Piloting Seamanship and Small Boat Handling" Charles F.Chapman
"Reed's Log Book for Yachts"
Revista " The Land's end Yachtsman's Equipment Guide"
"Racing Cruising & Design" Uffa Fox
"Weather Forecasting" Allan Watts
"The Proper Yacht" Arthur Beiser
"Heavy Weather Sailing" K.Adlard Coles
"Cruising Yacht Equipment & Navigation" E.L.Delmar-Morgan
"Oceanis - O Pavilhão Alemão Lisboa 1998"
"Faster Sailing" Robert N.Bavier,Jr
"Rigs and Rigging of Yachts" D.Phillips-Brit
"Yacht Racing-The Aerodynamics of Sails" Manfred Curry
"Yachts"" A.K.Beken
"Bends, Hitches Knots and Splices" John Irving
"Sailing on Continental Lakes" James B.Moore
"Sombras Chinesas" Simon Leys
"International Boat Show Earls Court 3/13 Jan"
"Sailing Technique" H.A.Calahan
"The Able Seaman" Everett B. Morris
"Sailing" Major.General H.J.K.Banfield,C.B,D.S.O and S.E.Palmer
"Alone Through the Roaring Forties" Vito Dumas
"Where Seconds Count" John H.Illingworth
"L'Annuaire de la Voile"
"How to Navigate Today" M.R.Hart
"Yacht Racing Management-The race Officier's and Helmsman's Guide" G.Sambrooke Sturgess
"Current and Proposed-International Yachtracing Union Rules" G.Sambrooke Sturgess
"Starting to Sail" John Fisher
"Sailing Dinghies-Types and Classes" John Fisher
"Sailing Dinghies-Types and Classes" Adlard Coles and D.Phillips-Brit
"Coastal Navigation Wrinkles" M.J.Rantzen
"Starting to Race" John Fisher
"Lloyd's Register of Yachts"
"Reflectant Universe" Angel Orensanz
Revista "Sailing World"
Revista "Optimisten"
"Débuts a la Voile-Manuel pour Débutants" Dessins de Bernard Duval
"English Channel-Pocket Tidal Stream Atlas" Published by The Hydrographic Department of The Admiralty
"France West Coast-Pocket Tidal Stream Atlas" Published by The Hydrographic Department of The Admiralty
"Marine Equipment" Simpson-Lawrence
"Manhattan Marine"
"Skene's Elements of Yacht Design" Francis S. Kinney
"Boating - A Beginning Guide" Jim J. Allen
"Navigation the Easy Way" Carl D. Lane and John Montgomery
"Racing at Sea" Everett B.Morris and Robert Coulson
"Practical Yacht Racing" Eyvin Schiöttz
"Successful Yacht Racing" C.Stanley Ogilvy
"Yacht and Dinghy Racing" Hugh Somerville
"Cruising Hints" Francis B. Cooke
"British and International Racing Yacht Classes" Edited by H.E.Whitaker
"Yacht and Sea" Ggustav Plym
"Cruising" Peter Heaton
"Alone across the Atlantic" Francis Chichester
"Everyman's Yachting" Maurice Griffiths
"La Course Scientifique en Voiliers" Ted Wells
"Piloting and Navigating in Coastal and Inland Waters" E.M.Savage, E.M., M.S.
"Yachtsman's Omnibus" H.A.Calahan
"The ABC of Boat Sailing" Herbert L.Stone
"The Big Little Book of the Crow's Nest" Published by Abercrombie & Fitch
"The Ship's Husband" H.A.Calahan
"Pratical Conversions and Yacht Repairs" Michael Verney
"Vertue XXXV" Humphrey Barton
"The Viking Ship" N.Nicolaysen
"Tables of Computed Altitude and Azimuth-Latitudes 30/44 - North and South" London Hydrographic Department Admiralty
"Tables of Computed Altitude and Azimuth-Latitudes 30/44 - North and South" London Hydrographic Department Admiralty
"How Sailboats Win or Lose Races" William Allen Smith
"Start'em Sailing" Gordon C. Aymar
"Thoughts on Small Boat Racing" C.Stanley Ogilvy
"Navegação Costeira Elementar" Victor Victorino
"The Glénans Sailing Manual Philippe Harlé
"A Mariner's Meteorology" C.G.Halpine , H.H.Taylor
"Technology of Ship Repairing" D.Benkovsky, G.Galver, I.Korobtsov,G.Oganezov
"The Yachtsman's Vade Mecum" Peter Heaton
"International Boat Show Earls Court 4/14 Jan"
"Gadgets and Wrinkles" H.A.Calahan
"Sailing" Archie White
"Ontario - South Central"
"International E22 " Year Book
Revista "E22 News"
Revista "FinnFare"
"Lloyd's Register of Yachts"
Revista "Yachting World - Power and Sail"
"Yachting Monthly and RNVR Journal"
"Revista de Marinha" (Encadernada)
"V Semana de Vela - Regatas Internacionais Baia de Cascais 6 a 10/09/46"
"Revista de Marinha"
Revista "Hipocampus"
Revista "Vela"
"Terre Biblique - La Palestine aux trois dimensions" René Leconte
"La Peinture Hollandaise au XVII Siécle" Edouard Huttinger
"Le Grand Livre du Yachting I" Louis Doliveux et Jean Giordan
"Le Grand Livre du Yachting II" Louis Doliveux et Jean Giordan
"Le Pilote Instrut ou Nouvelles Leçons de Navigation sans Maitre" M.Le Gaigneur
"Le Aerodynamique de la Voile" Manfred Curry
"Le Naufrage des Portugais 1627" Jean-Yves Blot et Patrick Lizé
"Possession de la Mer" Jean Merrien
"Cours de Patron au Bornage et de Capitaine de La Marine Marchande-Feux,SignauxRégles de Route" Jaques de Saint-Denis
"Cours de Patron au Bornage-Gréement,Evolution,Hygiéne" Jaques de Saint-Denis
"Relating to The Mediterranean Pilot" Published by The Hydrographic Departement Admiralty
"Réglement pou Prévenir les abordages en Mer" Editions Maritimes & Coloniales
"Problemes de Navigation Côtiêre et Problemes de Cartes" Jaques de Siant-Denis
Revista "Mundo Nautico"
Revista "Navegar" Versão Espanhola
Revista "Yate" Versão Espanhola
Revista "Navegar" Versão Portuguesa
Revista "Noticias da Vela" FPVela
"H.O.Pub 22 - The West Indies" Department of the Navy
"Rules and Regulations for the Constrution and Classification of Wood and Composite Yachts" Loyd's Register of Shipping
"Legislação sobre Associações" Victor Mendes e Gomes Ferreira
"Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen" Mary Blewitt
"Suplemento Num.6 Año 1962 Al Derrotero Numero 3"
"Let's go Cruising" Eric C. Hisock
"Indice Alfabetico dos Arruamentos de Lisboa" CTT
"West Coasts of Spain and Portugal Pilot" Published by The Hydrographic Department
"Lista dos artigos Produzidos p/Fornecimento - Fabrica Nacional de Cordoaria" Ministerio da Marinha
"Regras de Regata da International Yacht Racing Union" FPVela
"Regras de Regata - IYRU" FPVela
"Regras de Regata" FPVela
"Regras Internacionais de Regata" FPVela
"Brown's Rule of The Road Manual" W.K.Stewart
Revista " Vela" Edição Brasileira
Revista "Vela" Edição Espanhola
"YCI - Yacht Clube Italiano 1879/1979" Franco Belloni
"El Libro del Real Sporting Club" Conde de Zubiria
"Yachting World - Annual"
"Clube dos Jangadeiros - Cinquentenario"
"Tacoma Yacht Club"
"Centenario - Clube Naval de Ponta Delgada"
"Yacht Club Burgees" Colin Stewart
"Y.C.F. - Yacht Club de France"
"The Royal Ocean Racing Club - 1957 Rule of Measurment and Rating"
"Reglamento del Habana Yacht Club"
"Royal Yachting Association - Section 1"
"Royal Yachting Association - Supplement A"
"Royal Yachting Association - Year Book"
"Royal Yachting Association - Supplement A"
"Yacht Club Italiano - Annuario"
"New York Yacht Club"
Revista "Vela - Desportos Nauticos"
Revista "Nautica" Versão Italiana
"Ocean Passages for The World" Compiled by Rear Admiral Boyle T.Somerville
"The Stars - A New Way to See Them" H.A.Rey
Pottery in The United States" Helen E. Stiles
"New Dictionary of The Portuguese and English Languages" H.Michaelis
"Instant Weather Forecasting" Alan Watts
"Ready About! - A Dictionary in Eight Languages for Cruising and Racing Yachtsmen" Barbara Webb
"Anais do Clube Miliitar Naval"
"Anais do Clube Miliitar Naval"
Revista "Yachts and Yachting"
Revista "Yachts and Yachting"
Revista "America's Cup 2003 - Race Guide" Published by Yachting World
Revista "Fly Tornado" International Tornado Association
"Lisboa - Cidade de Turismo" João Pina Vidal
"Historia da Vela em Cascais" Varios Autores
"Regata do Infante"
"A Century of Zadar Sailing" Drago Maric
"The Sailor's World" Arthur Beiser
"Breitling Med Cup Circuit"
"Audi Med Cup Circuit"
"Audi Med Cup Circuit"
"Mar á Vista-A Portugal Telecom e a Vela" Nysse Arruda
"O Vento Chama - Campeonato do Mundo de Vela da ISAF" Nysse Arruda/João Ferrand
"Life at The Extreme - Marketing Through The Volvo Ocean Race"
"Life at The Extreme - Mid-Race Report"
"Life at The Extreme - Deloitte Economic Impact Report"
"Livro da Missão - Jogos Paralimpicos Atenas 2004"
Revista "Motor Boat & Yachting"
"Portugal - Livro dos Louros Jogos Paralimpicos"
"Cascais Atlantico - Flora e Fauna Marinha" Miguel Lacerda
"Canoas do Tejo" Luis Sande e Castro & Pedro Yglesias de Oliveira
"Costa do Estoril - Voando Sobre o Mar e a Serra" Fotografias de Rui Cunha
"Serrano 55 - Testimonio de una Colaboration"
"Exposição Mundial de Lisboa 1998 - Relatorio" Expo'98
"Portadores da Luz" Fotografias Varios Autores
"O Oceano - Um Designio Nacional para o Sec. XXI" Comissão Estrategica dos Oceanos
"Cidadela de Cascais - Genese e Transformação"
"Nucleo Cascais XXI - Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa"
"The History of The Royal Bombay Yacht Club" Gulshan Rai
"Palacio Porto Covo" Jose Antonio Arez Romão
"Winning in One Designs" Dave Perry
"Fitness For Sailing" Alan Beggs, John Derbyshire & John Whitmore
"Championship - Laser Racing" By Glenn Bourke with Mark Rothfield
"Sailing for Kids" Gary & Steve Kibble
"Wind Strategy" David Houghton
"Tuning your Dinghy" Lawrie Smith
"Tides & Currents" David Arnold
"Crewing to Win" Andy Hemmings
"High Performance Racing" John Merricks & Ian Walker
"Team Racing for Sailboats" Steve Tylecote
"The Rules in Practice" Bryan Willis
"Championship Tactics" Gary Jobson & Tom Whidden
"The Winner's Guide to Optimist Sailing" Gary Jobson & Jay Kehoe
Revista"Olimpo" C.O.P.
Revista "Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro"
Revista "Vela " Versão Brasileira
"Denuncia…" Laureano Barrosa
"The New York Yacht Club - A History, 1844-2004" John Rousmaniere
"Life at the Extreme - Host Port Bid Document"
"El Rei Dom Carlos - Memoria Viva" Luis Filipe Marques da Gama
Revista "Yachting World"
Revista "Dinghy & Boardsailing"
Revista "Starlights" Star Class
Revista "Motor Boating & Sailing"
Revista "Boat and Motor Dealer"
Revista "Nautica do Brasil"
"Channel Harbours and Anchorages" K.Adlard Coles
"South Biscay Pilot" Robin Brandon
"North Biscay Pilot" K.Adlard & A.N.Black
"Boats Anyone Can Build" Compiled by the Editores of Popular Science Monthly
"In the Heart of the Sea" Nathaniel Philbrick
"Reefs of Taprobane" Arthur C.Clarke
"Tinkerbelle" Robert Manry
"The Mariners' Highway Code" Capt.D.R. Derret
"Asi es el Crucero com mal tiempo" Errol Bruce
"Naufragé Volontaire" Alain Bombard
"Manual de Navegação (Calculos Nauticos)" Insdtituto Hidrografico
"A Shipping Venture" Anne and Russell Long
"Navegação Costeira Elementar" Victor Victorino
"A Viagem do Descobrimento" Eduardo Bueno
"As Comunicações Navais e a TSF na Armada" Moura da Fonseca
"Navios e Viagens-A Experiencia Portuguesa nos Sec.XV a XVIII" Francisco Contente Domingues
"Astronomia Nautica" E.da Silva Gameiro
"Viagem ao Contrario" Manuel Ferreira Duarte
"Log of The Star Class"
"The Yacht Racing Rules-A Complete Guide" Mary Pera
Revista "Classic Boat"
"João Gonçalves Zarco-Quem era?" Manuel Rufino Teixeira
"Alvará Régio das Precedencias do Regimento da ArmadaReal" Manuscrito do Antigo Arquivo do Tenente General Manuel Ignacio Martins Pamplona
"National Authorities and Sail Numbers of Racing Yachts"
"Register of Yachts-Ensigns and Burgess of Yachts Clubs and Private Flags of Yachtsmen" Lloyd's Register of Shipping London
"3.Concurso Internacional de Fotografia Submartina" Catalogo CPAS
Revista "Yachting World"
Revista "Yachting World"
Revista "Yachting World"
Diversas Publicações de Revistas - Exemplares Unicos
Revista "Vela e Motor"
Revista "Yachts and Yachting"
Documentos America's Cup
Revista "One-Design & Off Shore"
Revista " Em Voga"
Revista "Elite"
Revista " Neptune-Nautisme"
Revista "Neptunus - A Revista do Mar"
Revista " Neptune Yachting"
Revista "NorthNews"
Revista "One Design Yachtsman"
Revista " Yachting"
Revista "Yacht Racing"
Revista "Sailing World"
"The Life of a Fox" T.Smith
"O Drama de Timor" Adriano Moreira
"Socorrismo" Antonio Oscar Rebelo Candoso
"Ai, Jesus!" Sam
"Something of Value" Robert Ruark
"4 Paises Libertados" Paulo Madeira Rodrigues
"O Carvalho e o Bezerro" Alexandre Soljenitsine
"Alexandre Herculano - Um Homem e uma Ideologia na Construção de Portugal" Candido Beirante e Jorge Custodio
"Afonso Costa-Discursos Parlamentares 1911/14" A.H.Oliveira Marques
"Africa - A Vitoria Traida" J.Luz da Cunha,Kaulza de Arriaga,Bethencourt Rodrigues,Silvino Silverio Marques
"Coração, Cabeça e Estomago" Camilo Castelo Branco
Revista "Vela e Nautica"
Revista "Seahorse"
"Yachting World" Edição Espanhola
Revista "J24"
Revista "Yacht,Racing & Cruising"
" Seis Anos a Comunicar no Mar-Quebramar" Miguel Lacerda
"Humor a toda a Vela" Luis Conde Martin
"Desafio Español 2007"
Jornal "Noticias do Mar"
Jornal "IYRU - News"
Revista "Veja"
Revista "Barcos á Vela"
Revista "Nautica"
Revista "Yacht Capital" Versão Italiana
Revista "SoloVela"
Revista "Vela" Versão Italiana
Revista "FareVela"
"Liberdade para Portugal" Mario Soares, Willy Brandt e Bruno Kreisky
"Julgamento dos Responsaveis" Luiz Aguiar
"Tempo de Vesperas" Adriano Moreira
"… e ao Terceiro Ano Resuscitou" Vizcaino Casas
"Angola - Comandos Especiais Contra os Cubanos" Pedro Silva, Francisco Esteves e Valdemar Moreira
"A Descoberta de uma Conspiração-A Acção Spinola" Günter Wallraff
"Angola Juventude em Fuga" Paula Maria
"O Cristianismo vai Morrer?" Jean Delumeau
"PREC II" Augusto Cid
"Quando Nasci na Minha Morte" José da Camara Leite
"A Investigação Orientada" Pierre de Bie
Revista "Yachting"
"Humor a toda a Vela"
"A.R e I.R - Campeonato Europa de Laser 85" CNCascais
"Treino de Jovens" Varios Autores
"Olimpicos de Portugal - 1912/2008" IDP
"Caracterização da Pratica Desportiva juvenil Federada" Jorge Adelino, Jorge Vieira e Olimpio Coelho
"Um Abraço á Vela" Francisco G. de Amorim
"Manobrar é Preciso" Comandante Malhão Pereira
"Breves Apontamentos sobre Vela" Adriano A.da Silva
"Manual de Iniciação á Vela" Adriano A.da Silva
"O Motor Fora de Borda" Francisco A.M.Falcão
"Aeronautica Portuguesa" J.Diniz Ferreira
"O Vento Chama - Cascais 2007
Revista "Voile et Voiliers"
Revista "Voile Magazine"
Revista "Yachting"
Revista "Yachting"
"Vida e Morte do Chile Popular" Alain Touraine
"Impactos Culturais da Expo'98" Varios Autores
"A Crise e a Incognita da Universidade Portuguesa" José Eduardo Moniz
"Discursos Parlamentares 1914/1926" Afonso Costa
"Um certo Gosto a Tamarindo" Amaro Monteiro
"Os Capitães de Aventura" Nuno Sampayo
"O Novissimo Principe" Adriano Moreira
"A Nação Abandonada" Adriano Moreira
"Panorama Economico dos Descobrimentos Henriquinos" Amaro D. Guerreiro
"A Politica de Sigilo nos Descobrimentos" Jaime Cortesão
"A União Politica na Europa" Jean-Claude Masclet
"O Trabalho e a Personalidade" E.Dorokhva
"O 25 de Abril visto da Historia" Jose Antonio Saraiva e Vicente Jorge Silva
"World Match Racing Tour" ISAF
"SEA! Artistic Works of King D.Carlos"
"Thermopylae-Historia do Cliper mais veloz do Mundo" Varios Autores
Revista "Regata" Edição Espanhola
Revista "Sail"
Revista "Sail"
Revista "Yachting"
Apoio a Reuniões CE
Revista "Yachting"



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