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Fim > 03/09/2021
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Cascais SB20 World Championship 2021


Cascais SB20 World Championship 2021

       29th August to-4th September 2021


  1. Rules
  2. 1       The Regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing
  3. 7The qualifying series will be completed at the end of the day on which both yellow and blue fleets complete at least six races or the same number of qualifying races.
  4. 8The final series will start on the day after completion of the qualifying series.
  5. 9Boats will be assigned to two final-series fleets on the basis of their ranks in the qualifying series at 2100 on the day on which the qualifying series was completed. Boats with the best qualifying series ranks will race in the Gold (yellow) fleet, and the other boats will race in the Silver (blue) fleet. The two fleets will be of, as nearly as possible, equal size and the Silver fleet shall not be larger than the Gold fleet.
  6. 10Any recalculation of qualifying series ranking after boats have been assigned to final series fleets will not affect the assignments except that a redress decision may promote a boat to the Gold fleet.
  7. Crew weighing will be carried out during registration according to SB20 class rules. The full crew shall be presented at the same times with their identification card.
  8. Each boat shall be available for weighing as per class rule C6

Clause C.5.1 is deleted entirely and replaced with safety requirements as attached in Appendix A NOR Safety.

1.2        The Organizing Authority is CNCascais in conjunction with the SB20 Class International Class.  

1.3                    The prescriptions of the national authority, FPV will apply and will be publish on Official Notice Board

1.4        Decisions of the International Jury will be final in accordance with RRS 70.5.       

1.5        RRS Appendix P will apply.

1.6        If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence.

2.         Advertising

Boats willbe required to display event or event sponsor advertising on the forward part of the hull (25%). Advertising for alcohol and for tobacco products is strongly forbidden.

3.         Eligibility and Entry

3.1        The championship is open to registered boats of the SB20 class which are in compliance with the class rules.

3.2        Entries shall be submitted on the Official Online Entry Form no later than 1st August to the Clube Naval de Cascais (organizing authority). Web site: Entries will not be confirmed until full payment is received and the SB20 Class World Council has confirmed paid membership.

3.3        Late entries may be accepted after the entry closing date only at the discretion of the Club. In case of acceptance additional late entry fee penalty of 150 € will be charged.

3.4        Registration will take place at the Club First floor on the dates required in article 7.1 of this NOR. The following documents will be required: Identification card with picture for each member of the crew (passport or driving licence will be accepted).

3.5        For the purpose of RRS A Scoring: A competitor is not considered as registered until: (a) All fees are paid          and (b) Measurement is completed.

4.         Classification

Only skippers and crew eligible to compete under the WS Eligibility Code shall be eligible to compete in this championship.

5.         Fees

5.1        The entry fee of 600 € includes boat and trailer parking, launching, hauling and invitations to social events for skipper and crew as well as the SB20 World Council levy for the event.

5.2        Entries will be open on the CNCascais Web site the 20th of May 2021 with payment by credit card, or bank transfer

Bank transfer must be drawn on an account bank and made (before 1st August)

payable to:     

Bank: Novo Banco

Account Number: 2460 0131 0004

NIB: 0007 0246 0000 1310 004 62

IBAN: PT50 0007 0246 0000 1310 004 62


5.3 Late entries fees will begin on 1st August 2021 with price to 750 €

6.         Qualifying series and final series

6.1 The event will consist of a qualifying and a final series provided there are more than 80 entries.

6.2 The fleet will be divided into fleets colored groups and will sail a qualifier and final series.

6.3 For the qualifying series boats will be assigned to groups YELLOW or BLUE of, as nearly as possible.          The organizing authority will make initial assignments. Those assignments will be posted by 1900 on 30August and will apply to the races held on the first day of the championship. On the second day of the championship boats will be assigned on the basis of their results from the first day of racing and the groups will be posted before 2100 on the first day of racing.

6.4 Assignments will be based on the scores available at 2000 on the first day of racing regardless of protests or requests for redress have not been decided yet. 
6.5 If all fleets have not completed the same number of races, the series scores for reassignment will be calculated for those races completed by all fleets numbered in order of completion.

6.6 If the fleets have not completed the same number of races by the end of a day, the fleet with fewer races will continue racing on the following day until all fleets have completed the same number of races. All boats will thereafter race in the new fleets.

7            Schedule





Saturday 28th August

Entries, final registration




9H00 to 12H00 and 13H30 to 18H00

9H00 to 12H00 and 13H30 to 18H00


Sunday 29th August

Entries, final registration


   Practice race warning signal 

Opening Ceremony

9H00 to 12H00 and 13H30 to 18H00

9H00 to 12H00 and 13H30 to 18H00



Monday 30th August

First Warning signal, races

               Happy Hour


After races                                

Tuesday 31st August

First Warning signal, races

               Happy Hour



Wednesday 1st September

First Warning signal, races

              Happy Hour



After race


Thursday 2nd September

First Warning signal, races

               Crew dinner



After race

Friday 3rd September

First Warning signal, races

       Prize Giving Ceremony



After Race

7.2        On the last day of the regatta no warning signal will be made after 15H00

7.4        12 races are scheduled.


8.         Measurement

8.1        Measurement will take place at Clube Naval de Cascais. All boats and equipment shall be presented for measurement to the organising authority and the official SB20 class measurer or its representative.

The following checks and measurement may be undertaken.

c)   Safety equipment will be checked (see Appendix A NOR Safety )

8.2        Random measurement and safety equipment check may be made during the championship at the discretion of the organising authority

8.3        Bow numbers will be assigned and given to each participating boat. They shall be affixed to the hull according to the Sailing Instructions.

8.4        In accordance with SB20 class rules and Appendix A NOR Safety, optional equipment mobile phone and tracking beacon shall be permitted. However, a handheld GPS shall not be permitted.

9.         Sailing Instructions

The Sailing Instructions will be available from the 30th August 2020 after each boat has completed final registration at Club Office.

10.        Race area

Appendix B show the location of racing areas

11.        Courses The courses will be windward/leeward with a spreader mark and leeward gate (Appendix CA)

12         Penalty system

            Rule 44.1 is changed so that the two-turn penalty is replaced by the one-turn penalty.

13.        Scoring

13.1      A total of 4 races are required to constitute a championship.

13.2      The Low Point Scoring System, RRS A, will apply, modified so that a boat final score will be the total of her races scores excluding her worst score.

13.3      A qualifier series race shall not count until all qualifying fleets have completed that race.

13.4      When fewer than 4 races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores.

13.5      When 4 races have been completed in a series, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score.

13.7      If a qualifying/Final series is conducted then:

13.7.1 Qualifying races: the qualifying series shall be a maximum of 6 races, a boat’s score shall be sum of her races scores except that if 4 races are concluded, she may exclude her worst score.

13.7.2 Final Races: The final series shall be a maximum of 8 races. A boat score shall be sum of her race scores except that if 4 races are concluded, she may exclude her worst score.

13.7.3 A boat final total score for the championship will be the sum of her qualifying score plus her finals score.

14.        Support Boats, (team boats, coaches, etc.)

14.1      A boat shall receive no outside assistance from support boats or otherwise once she has left the dock for the day until she returns to the dock after the last race of the day, except in the case of emergency and/or towing supplied by the organizer and available to all participants.

14.2      All support boats shall register at the registration office and shall paid an entry fee. They shall be marked with a nationality letter on a white flag

15.        Berthing

            Boats shall be at the venue from 09H00 the Friday 28th August 2020 on until the Sunday 6th September 20H00. Boats shall be kept in their assigned places in the harbour.

16.        Haul-out Restrictions

16.1      All competing SB20s are required to be in the water by 2000 on Saturday 29th September 2021.

16.2      All SB20s must remain afloat unaided for the duration of the Championship. That is from 2000 on Saturday 29th September 2021 to the conclusion of the last race, except when required by the race committee or International Jury.

16.3      Any SB20 wanting to be lifted out to effect hull or keel repairs must seek the permission in writing from

the International Jury. SB20s shall not be hauled out during the regatta except with and according to the terms of prior written permission of the International Jury.

17.        Diving equipment and plastic pool

17.1      Underwater breathing and plastic pools or their equivalents shall not be used around SB20 from hall in the harbour to the end of the regatta.

17.2        The use of Dehumidifiers is prohibited in competing boats from 18.00 on the evening before the first qualifying race and the end of the Regatta

18.        Radio Communication

Under RRS 87, the class rules are changed as follows: Mobile telephones and handheld GPS may be carried on board, but not to be used when racing.

19.        Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to the first three boats overall. 1st Women, 1st Youth and 1st Master Team awards will also be awarded Other prizes may be awarded.

20.        Disclaimer

            Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk.

The Organizing Authority shall require each competitor to sign a waiver for loss, damage or injury to persons or property occurring in conjunction with the regatta or on the property Clube Naval de Cascais. The Organizing Authority, their members, employees, officers and/or agents shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury that may occur to person or property whether ashore or at sea as a consequence of the participation of any boat.

21.        Insurance

Competitors sailing in this regatta must be adequately insured with a third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of 1 500 000 Euros. Proof of same shall be requested during final registration.

22.        Media Rights

The Media Rights belong exclusively to OA. By participating in this event a competitor automatically grants to the OA and its sponsors, the right in perpetuity to make, use and show from time to time at their discretion, any motion pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproduction of him or her during the period of the competition without compensation.

23.        Information

            For additional information please contact:
Clube Naval de Cascais
Esplanada Príncipe D. Luis Filipe
2750 – 411 Cascais – Portugal
Tel.: + 351 21 483 01 25 <-> Fax: + 351 21 486 87 12
Email: <-> Web Site:

The Organizing Authorithy stablished an agreement with the Travel Agency “Em Viagem”, to help competitors to find the most suitable and affordable solutions for accommodations and travel issues.
Name of Contact : Luiz Castro
Telephone: +351 211 165 662
Skype: luiz.emviagem


Covered storage for SB20 (w/trailer and mast off) with transportation provided by the Club and term car parking are available in the underground parking of the Marina next to the Club.
Additional servicing can be arranged by the Club with established outside providers.

There are plenty of opportunities to charter a SB20 in Cascais.
Please contact Vasco Serpa | Email:

The club arranged special conditions to transport boats from all over Europe, including picking up boats coming from the ferry boats in Santander or Bilbao. Please ask a quote by email to:


Nº de Vela Barco Clube Timoneiro Tripulação
PO 3800 PussPuss/SailCascais CNCascais Vasco Serpa Joaquim Moreira
3637 Contrabandista CNCascais Patrick Lindley Pedro Simoes
3040 Slippery Nipple Lough Ree Yacht Club John Malone Emmet Sheridan
POR 3715 Madeira Islands ANM John Tavares John Tavares
POR 3505 Patris Finance C .N. Cascais Vasco Passanha Nuno Bajanca
NED 3246 CPR RZV Pascal Bakker Rini Regoort Chris Revelman
POR 3516 Naturea Sailing Team / Keep Clear CNCascais Bernardo Loureiro Guilherme Gomes / Mafalda Gonçalves / Manuel Fortunato
3733 so fly cnc Peter Stratton Francisco Garcia
GBR3149 PBII Frensham Pond Mark Gillett Richard Anderton
FRA 3534 Sale Bête SN Narbonne Xavier Moulin Roques
NED 3754 3J's WSV Biesbosch/ RZV Jeroen van der Velden Jeroen Kop
IRL 3741 Bád/Kilcullen Royal Irish Yacht Club Jerry Dowling Stefan Hyde
3756 Vicky CNCascais Augusto Castelo Branco Augusto Castelo Branco jr
RUS-3722 MST Pirogovo Vasily Grigoriev Maxim Kuzmin, Mikhail Markin
BRA 3751 OpenBar CNCascais Henrique Haddad Pedro Caldas
POR 3152 Naturea Sailing Team / Young Guns Clube Naval de Cascais Sebastião Caiado Ramirez Martim Mastbaum, Matilde Cruz, Zilas Dunke Nascimento
POR 3558 Naturea Sailing Team / Fitch CVA Mafalda Pires Lima Mariana Lobato,Matilde Pinheiro Melo,Francisco Maia
POR 3616 inetum.^ #PositiveDigitalFlow CNC Hugo Mastbaum Manuel Marques
7 Sargo cnc Gonçalo Gonçalves Gonçalo Gonçalves
3709 actiTIME SPB YC Arsen Chubarkov Dmitrii Tretiakov, Artem Sudakov, Arina Katrycheva, Polina Pereshivkina
3114 Ladies First / Naturea Sailing Team Sport Algés e Dafundo Carolina João Joana Azevedo, Zezi Cardoso, Federica Franchi
7 SARGO CNC Gonçalo Gonçalves Gonçalo Gonçalves
3653 France Jeune - BCI CNC - Cercle Nautique Calédonien Chatonnier Lucas Machetti Hippolyte
3286 Giboia CNC Jose Goncalves Martim Boia, Rui Boia
SGP 3750 Glasgow Kiss RHKYC Nils Razmilovic David Salembier
BEL 3762 go with the flow RNSYC bart tytgat kristof woutters
FRA 3763 Skin in the Game Club Nautique Valeriquais Edward Russo Gilles Favennec
BEL3518 TACKTONIC RNSYC OSTEND Nicolas Elleboudt Cédric De Bleye
TBD Estonia Delight Estonia Tonu Toniste Tomas Toniste/Andres Vilsemann
3802 Gunter RCNBarcelona/NYYC Javier Sherk Diogo Barros/Nuno Barreto
3521 Santa Maria CNC Luís Rosário André Carinhas
TBD Alisa SPYC Vladislav Ivanovskiy Ilya Ustimenko/Ekaterina Bessonova/Alisa Ivanovskaia/Roman Ivanovskiy/Natalia Sukhareva
GBR3014 Polar Clube Naval Cascais José Piedade Paulo sSeica Leitao
3537 Old Spice CVA Filipe Aguilar Machado Tomas Aires Pereira / Pedro Borges de Araujo
TBD BBDouro CWDS Francisca Barros João Cunha, Ricardo Schedel
3707 Vis sailing team Krestovsky Timur Sabirzianov Andrey Sokolov
POR3652 Bravo CVA Paulo Palha Andre Gonçalves+Rita Leal Faria+Antonio Barros
RUS 3468 suicide squad Pirogovo Bolyakin Andrey Valentin Uvarkin
3544 SInBin CNC Martin Estlander Eduardo Marques & Phil Kemp
3651 Day off CNBB Filipe Albino António Albino
3206 Irmandade C N Cascais Per Croner Gonzalo Lopes, Andre Lekszycki
8 TLEVEL cnc A. GRAY L.Mateus + J.Tomas
IRL3809 ted RSGYC Micheal O'Connor David Taylor / Edward Cook
3712 ICWind Rus Dmitrieva Olga Karachov Pavel
RUS 3712 IC Wind Russia Olga Dimitreva Aleksey Frolov/Olga Oreshnikova/Pavel Karachi
3805 Comet/SpaceCobras St Petersburg YC Liza Zherebetsova Artem Basalkin/Andrey Klochko/Pavel Rasskazov
3710 Guto CVA Pedro Nieto TBA
POR 3123 Youth Team Portugal - Marisco na Praça CNCascais Henrique Brites Bernardo Torres Pêgo / Luís Pinheiro / Rafael Rodrigues
POR 3581 HelloNext CNCascais Nuno Cabral Tomas Pires de Lima
por 3411 Quinta dos Murças cnc diogo manuel de mendonça corrêa Mendes Nuno Lopes
3506 Volta CNC Vasco Empis Nuno Espirito Santo Silva
3203 Miudas CNC Margarida Aguiar Sofia Regojo, Ana Champalimaud, Maria Anjos
POR3438 NACEX CNCascais Miguel Graça Diogo Pinto / João Ferreira
P 3427 LTX CNC eduardo cardoso Ruben Luís
POR 3115 Quebramar Naval de Cascais Rui Brites TBD
3723 Another Affair CVA Miguel Oliveira Francisco Oliveira
15 Knot on Call ANL/CVVC José Mendes João Mendes, Luísa Peres
3738 AP Hotels CNC José Paulo Ramada Fausto Briosa / António Pereira / Miguel Leal de Faria
3100 LUSIADAS Clube Naval de Lisboa Vasco Antunes Pereira Miguel Guimarães Marques
3578 Metalfrio Solutions NAVAL DE CASCAIS Erwin Russel Gustavo Lima
MEX Black Mamba Mexico Fernando Perez Goncalo Ribeiro
UKR 3633 GameChanger Kyiv Yacht Club Yulia Kyrpa Semen Dmytrenko
3656 FLOW St.Petersburg Banayan Daniil Vasinkevich Grigoriy
Prokofev Aleksandr
Konovalova Gaiane
3709 actiTIME SPB YC Arsen Chubarkov Dmitrii Tretiakov, Artem Sudakov, Arina Katrycheva, Andrei Akimenko
BRA Arrivederci YC Rio Janeiro Victor Demaison Jorge Zarill / Gabriel Borges
8 TLEVEL.PT cnc A. GRAY L.Mateus + J.Tomas
8 TLEVEL.PT cnc A. GRAY L.Mateus + J.Tomas
1 Yasemin Akyıl Yasemin Akyıl Yasemin Akyıl Yasemin Akyıl
3506 Volta CNC Vasco Empis Nuno Espirito Santo Silva / Bernardo Faria e Maia
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